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Anneley De Waal

Ms Anneley De Waal, HR Department: Secretary

Tell us about yourself, background, where you were born, your High School years, university etc.

I was born in Rehoboth on 26 November 1972.  I grew up there up until Standard 6 – now grade 8.  The next three years I was accepted at Concordia College here in Windhoek.  My Matric year I was back home again and finished in 1990. Believe it or not I was still a drum majorette in my final year of school.  I was also part of the first ever hockey team of the Rehoboth High School.  We won the leagues for beginners that year. I started at the Post Office in 1992, but left after just one month to join the then SwaBou (South West African Building Society) as a Typist.  Two mergers later, I was working for First National Bank as Secretary at various departments.  I moved to Wesbank as Collections Officer and six months later I was promoted to Senior Legal Officer.  Eighteen years in the banking industry screamed for a change.

Your journey at the Polytechnic of Namibia:

16 August 2010, marked the start of my journey at the Polytechnic as Secretary in the HR Department.  Apart from the secretarial duties, I am also doing the graphics layout for the vacancy adverts.

What are your expectations for NUST? How do you think it will benefit you? 

The change to NUST can only ensure that so many paths will open for each and every one of us.  In the near future I would like to complete my long overdue studies in the field of Human Resources to embark on one of those paved roads.

Please share with us your success habits: 

Perseverance in whatever you set out to do will get you to our ultimate goals has ensured some personal success in my life.  An old Afrikaans saying: “Agter os kom ook in die kraal” has kept me to continue with some long term decisions for my life. It might take long, but I will get there, which makes it so much more than just another achievement.

If your life could be a newspaper heading, what would it be?

“Sleep Apnea, did not stop her.”

Any other thing you would like to share?

I have the wonderful opportunity to be the mother of two girls. My life is dedicated to give them the best in life – Top Class Education.


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