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Neavera Tjivikua

NUST Secretaries Forum Patron Farewell Message

Dear Colleagues and Friends

I am writing to inform you that Sunday, 28 February 2021, will be my last day of service at NUST. I am taking early retirement from University service after exactly 25 years at this Institution. Having dedicated my life to education and having spent so much time here, NUST has become “home” for me. My heart and soul reside in these revered halls of curiosity, knowledge and learning.

As I pause one more time to bid farewell, I cannot help but reflect on the foundation days of this University, which I joined in the first year official autonomous year of the Polytechnic. The Institution was a mere remnant of Technikon Namibia, with approximately 100 staff members, 2 400 students, and occupying just three hectares of land. Today, NUST is making significant impact on the Namibian society and the world at large.

I have been privileged to serve the Institution in various capacities where I made my humble contribution, often with scant resources and under difficult circumstances. Much of the University’s challenges can be attributed to politics and poor public resourcing.  There  has never a shortage of constructive and innovative ideas and the will to bend the arch of knowledge toward excellence. I am deeply thankful to my colleagues (‘fellow fighters’) and students for their tremendous support and to everyone else who lent their voice of help to me and the Institution.

I am satisfied that I did my best at all times and that, collectively, we had taken the University to a proper level of performance, reputation and respect. My hope remains that it can redeem its glorious status and serve the world better and at a higher level. That has always been our goal. In spite of all the challenges, it has been a great pleasure to work with you.

I wish you and the University great success and the very best in every respect.
Neavera Tjivikua

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