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Carol Millward

Ms Carol Millward, CEU Secretary/Assistant Project Coordinator

1. Tell us about yourself?  (Background, where you were born, your high school years, university etc.)

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa but raised for the most part of my life in Cape Town. I commenced with my primary school education at the Holy Cross Convent Primary School and completed at the Ottery Road Methodist Primary School. I completed my secondary education at the Immaculata Roman Catholic Secondary School. I completed my tertiary education at the University of the Western Cape where I obtained my Honours Degree in the Social Sciences.

I am the third youngest of seven siblings and we find ourselves dispersed across the globe ie Australia, Canada, South Africa and Namibia.

I am a Christian and enjoy a close walking relationship with God. I make a point of celebrating my achievements and birthday with close friends. I love being at the ocean as it reminds me of the greatness of God’s love for each one of us and make a point of meditating daily.

Finally, I love life and I choose to enjoy every moment!!!

2. Your journey at the Polytechnic of Namibia?

I was appointed as the Secretary/ Assistant Project Coordinator at the Centre for Cooperative Education (CCE) in 2010. My grading was changed in 2013 to that of Assistant Project Coordinator.

I am responsible for managing the office, its projects and supporting the Director, Mr Carva Pop and the CCE team in reaching the goals and objectives of the Centre.

Our office’s primary responsibility is to prepare the students for the world of work. We offer services such as Curriculum Vitae and cover letter editing, photocopying of documents, scanning of supporting documents and coaching of students for interview readiness.

I mentor interns from the Departments of Accounting and Finance, Office Management and Technology and co-mentor students from the Departments of Human Resources Management, Marketing, Communication and IT. I take responsibility for boosting morale, motivating and inspiring the interns who pass through our office.

I enjoy the privilege of working with young minds/ young people and  believe that I am fulfilling my divine purpose.

3. What are your expectations for NUST? How do you think it will benefit you?

Being a university of choice, innovative, research-driven, inclusive, transparency, entrepreneurial, student-centred, industry-focussed to ensure that our students retain the preference in industry and abroad.

4. Please share with us your success habits.

  • Respect, humility, happiness, simplicity, laughter and loving unconditionally.
  • Honouring God in everything I do, as He has a perfect plan for my life.

5. What is your motto in life?

I have more than one:

  • What I create, is where I am
  • Life is a 'cabernet' - life is to be enjoyed.

6. If your life could be a newspaper heading, what would it be?

Carpe Diem – seize every opportunity

7. Anything else you would like to share?

  • Live life beautifully and remember not to harm souls as you progress on your journey of life.
  • Look at what is right and add value whenever and wherever you can. Lastly, always pay it forward!

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