Cornelia Janga

Name: Ms Cornelia Janga

Department: Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Administration and Finance

Position: Secretary

Duration of employment: 26 years.

Carol Millward

Name: Carol Millward

Department: Cooperative Education Unit (CEU)

Position: Assistant Project Coordinator

Duration of employment: 5 years

Virginia Roman

Name: Virginia Roman        

Department: Namibia Energy Institute

Position: Project Administrator

Duration of employment: 2012 to Present

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I am continuously growing, totally love and appreciate my colleagues and the supportive environment. I feel very privileged to be part of the Polytechnic of Namibia community.

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Megan Bezuidenhout

Name: Megan Bezuidenhout

Department: Department of Marketing, Communication and Alumni

Position: Secretary

Duration of employment: I joined the Polytechnic in July 2015



Friday, 25 August 2017 

Theme: Pathway to Success 

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